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Bryan Lester Caraan

Bryan Lester Caraan

Our path to Australia was like a scary rollercoaster ride, and if we would have stuck it out with ACN Southern Immigration, it would have been a fun car ride instead. My wife and I first came to Australia on a visa for nurses' bridging program where our agent was Ms. Jasmine from ACN.

Our transactions with ACN were smooth and easy, and sure enough we got our visa. When my 3-month visa was almost up, I looked for ways to stay in Australia with a plan to eventually migrate. I found another agent to help me because I thought was more accessible because she was here in Melbourne. That's where things went downhill for us.

This other agent gave us bad advice that caused us to be denied of a visa extension. Her advice was the worst advice possible for our situation and we learned later on that no good agent would have given us that advice.

We lost hope of migrating to Australia.

When we returned to the Philippines, we came back and inquired with ACN again and they gave us the good news that we are eligible to apply for a Permanent Resident Visa. We were overjoyed because it was what we really wanted, instead of going through so many steps as advised by the bad agent.

This time around, I was so anxious that at every step I had so many questions sent to Ms. Jasmine and Sir Will. I might even have been a tad bit irritating with my million questions, but they took the time to explain to me every process and assured me that my wife and I can return to Australia as Permanent Residents every step of the way.

We trusted and listened to all their advice and sure enough, we got that fated email saying we've got our visas and we're off to Melbourne to start our lives together.

We've been living in Melbourne for almost 2 years now and I am blessed to be working as a nurse in an Aged Care facility and a hospital. My wife is now in her second year as a law student.

We're very grateful for how ACN Southern Immigration assisted us in our journey to Australia. Our lives would have been very different if we hadn't come back and asked for their help.

I highly recommend ACN Southern Immigration and I assure you you're in good hands with them.

Why choose ACN Southern Immigration Services?

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ACN can help you with migration, education and travel abroad. It is our commitment to give you the best service with very affordable costs

ACN can help you with migration, education and travel abroad. It is our commitment to give you the best service with very affordable costs

Our well-trained consultants can give you the information you need throughout your application. We are willing to go an extra mile to assist you in choosing the right choice that suits your profile

With a reputable licensed migration agent and experienced consultants, we assure you a thorough involvement with your application process and policies you need to follow